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Organic Cider

Cider is wonderfully refreshing and tastes delicious!

The British and the French already knew this in the Middle Ages. They served fermented apple juice as a strong drink to their kings. The Normandy and the south of England were perfect for cultivation of apples and pears.

And today?
Popular as ever,
Cider is THE trendsetting drink!
Popular in Britain, where it is dry - in Scandinavia it is very sweet!

BIONITA Premium Organic Cider with a gentle tingling note - perfectly complemented by medium sweetness! A natural product of exclusive quality - made from carefully selected organically cultivated fruit to give you the best experience ever.

Bionita premium
organic cider editions
Natural. Tangy. Refreshing.

BIONITA Premium Organic Cider - gentle tingling pleasure!
Innovative lifestyle drink of carefully selected, sun-ripened, organically cultivated fruit! Delicacy that thrills from the first sip on!

Pure. Ripe. Juicy.

A highlight of the special kind! Intense apple & pear flavour, medium sweetness, natural clear color.

Apple & Pear Premium Organic Cider
Alc. 4,5% vol.
Available in 
glass bottle (330 ml).

Fruity. Intense. Ripe.

Incredible drinking fun! Popular taste of sun-ripened black currants, nice sweetness, beautiful dark color.

Black Currant Premium Organic Cider
Alc. 4,5% vol.
Available in 
glass bottle (330 ml).

Wo gibt's BIONITA Premium Bio Cider
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